Job costing software, Sydney

TurboTime is a job costing solution that interfaces with your Time and Attendance T&A software to enable business owners to cost projects accurately. TurboTime uses the best of breed biometric scanners for absolute pin point accuracy.

Staff clock in and out, so the actual time spent on the job is very accurate.

Secure Aware Sydney: S.A.S. is the Australian supplier of TurboTime.

Production timing and Time and Attendance modules are available.

T&A module uses biometrics to gather the times worked and then interfaces with your chosen payroll.

Job costing software bundled with biometric scanner and barcode reader

Job costing software, along with biometric, bar code reader.

Questions for you the business owner:

  • Are you paying staff to be physically present in your factory OR           are you paying staff to do profitable & productive work in your factory?
  • Are you tired of losing hard-earned profit through inefficiencies?
  • Do you know which specific products are costing or losing money?
  • Importantly, do you know which products are making you money?

Using a tried and tested Job Costing Software Solution like TurboTime is the key to running a successful and profitable business.

Example: How a job costing solution can benefit a furniture manufacturer

This business owner knew exactly how much he paid for all his raw materials and also knew approximately how much his wage bill was every week, as the overtime varied only marginally. The budgetary allocations for the rest of the business overheads were also under control, but management had no idea about how much it actually cost them to produce a dining room suite in terms of time and thus in terms of money. It is often a thumb suck or rough ‘guesstimate’ figure.

Job costing software solution TurboTime can quickly work out these complex answers for  business owners like this furniture manufacturer.

Job Costing

Job Costing Software:

If you would like me information on job costing, Contact S.A.S for a demo.

Once we fully understand what your business’s problems and production issues are, and what solution you as the business owner want.

We can set up a practical and technical online webinar for your business.

We offer a technical webinar presentation with Norman, our job costing software specialist, which can be scheduled in your office at your convenience.

Graham on 0421-718-277 or (02) 8084-8312.

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