FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is job costing software?

Job costing is a sophisticated business tool that allows you to determine exactly how much each aspect of a job is costing you in time, money, resources, human hours (used to be called man hours).

This will allow our user to determine accurately the total cost of any job.

Is this what you are thinking, but not saying: “We are not sure that our business can afford a job costing software system?

TurboTime has been developed specifically to save you money and assist you in generating additional revenue. Many clients have achieved real and positive ROI after installing the correct hardware and TurboTime job costing software module.

The question is not “can we afford to purchase and use job costing?” but rather “can we afford NOT to use TurboTime job costing?

OK, what is this TurboTime job costing package made up of then?

Our package includes hardware and software. The hardware includes barcode scanners, barcode printer, biometric fingerprint readers, data capture terminals, plus TurboTime software modules.

Does TurboTime provide ongoing maintenance and support?

All hardware comes with a warranty. Ongoing job costing software support is also available. Software updates, maintenance and support are cloud-based, so we can attend to your problem within hours no matter where you are physically located in Australia.

 Industries that should apply job costing to ascertain their production costs?

  • Engineering companies;
  • Construction companies;
  • Service and Maintenance companies;
  • Importers from China;
  • Manufacturing companies;
  • Distribution companies;
  • Trade companies, Contractor companies;
  • Retail companies, POS companies;
  • Kitchen manufacturers and Joinery companies;
  • Marine companies, Shipwright companies;
  • Tile importing companies / Wholesale companies;
  • Pre-Fab or Kit-Home construction companies.

Arrange online webinar, or face to face sales presentation on TurboTime

Job Costing software module?

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Mobile:  0421-718-277


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